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End Medical Apartheid, Redux
We've contacted Congress. Now we ask the Biden administration to demand justice in Israel's vaccination program.

President Biden must also fulfill his promise to restore urgently needed U.S. humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

“The situation is miserable and bleak across the Palestinian Territory. Scores of patients do not find beds in hospitals and they are placed in corridors without the needed ventilators....According to some reports, patients are just sent home to take care of themselves," reported Dr. Bernard Sabella of the Middle East Council of Churches.

For months, Israel has been bragging that it is well on its way to vaccinating all of its citizens. The world has responded with praise and admiration for Israel's successful vaccination program, in spite of Israel’s refusal to vaccinate millions of people living under its the control of its military.

Under the Geneva Conventions, the health and welfare of those millions who live under Israel’s military occupation are the responsibility of the occupier. That is certainly never more than during this pandemic.

Following calls by leading human rights organizations and medical leaders such as Save the Children, Oxfam, Physicians for Human Rights Israel, and others, Israel has been vaccinating Palestinians workers inside Israel and has provided a small quantity of vaccines for use in the occupied territories.

But for the overwhelming majority of 5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, vaccines remain unattainable. Covid-19 cases have risen alarmingly in March, and hospitals have been utterly overwhelmed with patients.

Tell President Biden and Vice President Harris to hold Israel accountable to its obligations as an occupying power and insist that Israel provide COVID-19 vaccines equally and fairly to Palestinians living under its occupation.

Doctors Without Borders: Palestinian Territories urgently need vaccines as COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals
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In Israel & Palestine, vaccines stop at the border wall
Israel has come under fire for not doing justice to Palestinians and distributing its vaccines in an equitable way See this

COVID-19 vaccinations are proof of Israel’s medical apartheid
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COVID in besieged Gaza: ‘A blockade inside a blockade’
With infections surging, COVID-19 has exacerbated the Palestinian enclave’s already dire living conditions in 2020.
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Send a message to White House:
Press Israel
on vaccines for the occupied Palestinian territories
and restore U.S. humanitarian aid for Palestinians.

You will review this message before you send it.

There have been three important Congressional letters recently advocating for Palestinians, all sent to Secretary of State Blinken and the U.S. State Department.

Both the Carson/Pocan letter with 17 signers in the House of Representatives and Bernie Sanders’ letter signed by himself and four other Senators call for the U.S. State Department to do all it can to ensure Israel provides vaccinations for Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The Senate letter also calls for equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel and for restoring humanitarian aid to the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Tlaib/Pocan letter, signed by 12 Representatives, is the most far-reaching letter this year, expressing strong opposition to home demolitions and settlement expansion, championing the need to restore U.S. humanitarian aid, and more. (PDF of that letter)

Your consistent advocacy, combined with the efforts of so many others across the United States, is making these actions possible. It is important to THANK these leaders when they take action for justice, if we want them to keep doing it.

A simple "thank you" can be a powerful statement...

Send a "Thank You" to those in Congress who have written to the State Dept. on behalf of the Palestinians this month.

You will review the message before you send it.


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