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Hundreds of families – thousands of Jerusalemites, many of them children – are threatened with forced expulsions and demolitions of their homes. Some are scheduled to begin in days!

If the plans to destroy these historically Arab communities are carried out, they will bring immeasurable pain and trauma to the men, women, and children whose families have resided in these close-knit neighborhoods for generations. 

The Israeli eviction orders have spread fear in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and other communities that are endangered by Israel’s expansionist plans.

In regard to Israel's colonization of Palestinian land, the United Nations Security Council reaffirmed in December 2016: “Israel’s establishment of settlements in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity, and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law...” (emphasis added).

UMKR and faith-based and secular partners across the US and in Palestine are working together to try to avert this tragedy.

Our brothers and sisters in Jerusalem have implored church leaders to raise their voices, resist the impending evictions, and defend these threatened families. In March 2021, they wrote: “Daily we experience the restrictions, the dehumanization, the brutality and loss of life resulting from these apartheid laws and policies. Daily we suffer the abuses of Zionism, which as practiced in Israel and Palestine clearly favors the rights of one people, one ethnicity, over another.”  (See what Kairos Palestine is calling for, on the right at the top.)

An Urgent Call to His Holiness Pope Francis, the global ecumenical movement and World Council of Churches:
Join the Palestinian Christians: Resist the Ethnic Cleansing of East Jerusalem
Your sisters and brothers in Palestine implore you to resist the State of Israel’s impending eviction of 15 families from their homes in the Israeli-occupied territory of East Jerusalem. See & download it here

Joint Urgent Appeal to the United Nations Special Procedures on Forced Evictions in East Jerusalem
Comprehensive report and appeal from 14 human rights organizations

Learn more here
Download this doc

Yes, we are asking you for 3 actions to help these families and save these neighborhoods — you can do this!


You have until Monday afternoon: 
Join over
130,000 people on this petition to
U.S. Secretaries Blinken and Austin:
"Stop Israel's Expulsions in Jerusalem!"

– For everyone in the world –




Urge your legislators to make known their opposition
to these expulsions! They can tweet or issue a statement or sign the congressional letter to the State Dept. that is circulating in Congress right now.

– For those with a U.S. address –
You will review the message to legislators before you send it.


ATTEND THE RALLY for the petition delivery

or CONTACT FRIENDS who could:
Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 4:00 pm (ET)
Outside the State Department Building:
Intersection of 22nd St. and C St. NW

– For everyone in the world –
Email or call someone you know in the Washington DC area and ask them to attend. And to bring their friends!
There will be members of Congress and other notable speakers -
well worth the trip to the State Department building.

Our global movement for Palestinian rights should make a strong statement with our presence that day!


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UMKR is an international grassroots movement of laity and clergy in the United Methodist Church. We are responding to the Palestinian Christians' urgent call, in Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth, for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.
OUR GOAL: UMKR seeks – through nonviolent action and in partnership with Christians in Palestine – freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.  Learn more about UMKR

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